HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN | Top Furnace Concerns Addressed

HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN | Top Furnace Concerns Addressed

HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

Furnaces are what most homeowners use to heat their homes when it’s cold outside. However, since furnaces use gas or some sort of fuel, as well as flame and fire-starting mechanisms in order to generate heat for your home, some homeowners worry about some of the potential issues that could come about when using a furnace. Here are some of the top furnace concerns that some homeowners tend to have addressed by your local HVAC contractors: HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

Can A Furnace Leak Gas? | HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

Answer: Yes, if you have a gas furnace. While furnace gas leaks are pretty uncommon, it is possible for gas to leak out from your gas valve or due to a crack in your furnace. The primary sign of a gas leak is the smell of it. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound coming from your gas valve or furnace, then you should turn off your unit and gas supply immediately, evacuate your house, and call your local HVAC contractors in Woodbury MN at Rumpca Services to come to your home and repair or replace your furnace immediately.

Can A Furnace Overheat? | HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

Answer: Yes. The most common causes of furnace overheating are: old age, restricted airflow (usually due to a dirty/clogged air filter), parts failure (i.e., blower motor failure, etc.) or having a dirty unit or unit parts. Some of the signs that your furnace may be overheating include: smelling a burning smell coming from your vents, your furnace cycling on and off repeatedly, or your furnace making strange noises whenever it’s on. If you suspect that your furnace may be overheating, or that your furnace stopped working due to overheating, then contact Rumpca Services, the best HVAC company in Woodbury MN, today, and we’ll do furnace repairs or a furnace replacement in Woodbury MN for you.

Can A Furnace Cause A Fire or Explode? | HVAC Contractors Woodbury MN

Answer: It’s possible, but extremely unlikely. The primary type of heaters that cause fires are space heaters or electric heaters, not furnaces. Furnaces are built to be extremely safe and are designed to simply shut down before they get to the point where starting a fire or causing an explosion could potentially occur. While there have been rare cases of furnaces starting fires or exploding, they are extremely rare and isolated occurrences. If you’re concerned about the possibility of your furnace catching on fire or blowing up while in use, then having your local Woodbury HVAC contractor at Rumpca Services do an annual furnace inspection and furnace tuneup is the best way to prevent anything like that from happening.

For more information on getting a furnace replacement or furnace repairs in Woodbury MN, feel free to contact Rumpca Services, the best HVAC contractor in Woodbury MN.

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